The basic philosophy of Aureo is to protect people's health and the natural environment that supports good health. In order to achieve this, at every opportunity we promote the co-existence of people and nature, and a return to nature.

Company policy and standards of conduct

Company policy
Aureo provides excellent products, accurate information, and good service. Aureo also contributes to the protection of the natural environment and the improvement and preservation of people’s health.

Standards of conduct
■ continue to have dreams, youth and enthusiasm.
■ love our work, and create a lively and cheerful workplace.
■ think about things from the customer's point of view, and act accordingly.
■ are always grateful and humble.
■ value loyalty and honesty very highly.
■ never waste time or resources.

Origin of company name

The Latin name for black yeast is Aureobasidium pullulans.
We named our company ‘Aureo Co., Ltd’ because we wanted as many people as possible to know about black yeast beta-glucan, which is obtained by culturing the Aureobasidium pullulans microorganism.