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Aureo’s β-glucan is a unique β-glucan produced by a black yeast fungus called Aureobasidium. When the black yeast fungus is cultivated under special conditions, a gel-like substance is produced, and the liquid contains β-glucan with the bonding form β -1,3-1,6 as the main component.
This β-1,3-1,6 glucan is a substance that is attracting a great deal of attention overseas, and Aureo has been granted 51 patents worldwide for the strains, compositions of the strains, uses of the compositions, and production methods for the compositions.

The Relentless Quest Aureo Research and Development

A number of papers on β-glucan have been published, including about 17,000 by a research group at Harvard University in the United States.
Aureo established “Aureo Science” as a basic research division in March 2010 in the Business Spring at Hokkaido University, aiming to obtain high quality research results on β-glucan. We continue our research and development in collaboration with universities and research institutes, and present our results at domestic and international conferences and in papers, etc., as an expert on Aureobasidium (black yeast) β-glucan, and disseminate useful information to society.

Safety Verification of Aureobasidium (Black Yeast) β-glucan

In our research on Aureobasidium (black yeast) β-glucan, we focus particularly on verifying its safety. the safety of Aureo’s health food products.

To support the health of pets and other living creatures

Aureobasidium (black yeast) β-glucan continues to be studied to support the health of not only us humans but also our companion animals (pets) and all living creatures with the cooperation of livestock and dairy farmers, aquariums, and others.

Based on the evidence obtained, we have also obtained patents. ※
We will continue our efforts to support the same “precious lives and health” as we do.

※ June 2014, Tissue organisms for prevention and treatment of mastitis in cows and methods for prevention and treatment of mastitis in cows.

High quality evidence proven through rigorous third-party testing

Aureobasidium (black yeast) β-glucan boasts high quality in terms of reliability and safety.

Kitasato Institute

Aureobasidium (black yeast) β-glucan was tested for safety and immunostimulation at Kitasato University Medical Center. Data obtained by an authoritative research institute enhances the credibility of our products on a global level.

Hokkaido University

The combination of β-glucan and EF lactic acid bacteria has been proven to be useful in preventing new strains of influenza at the International Joint Research Institute for Zoonosis Control at Hokkaido University. Various newspaper articles, and became a hot topic.

Toray Research Center

There are many types of β-glucans, depending on how they are molecularly bonded. Analysis by the world-leading Toray Research Center has confirmed that the structure of Aureobasidium (black yeast) β-glucan is an ideal glucan for supporting health, with glucose bound at β-1,3-1,6.

Medical Organization Japan Adult Disease Prevention Association

The Japan Adult Disease Prevention Association is a medical organization founded in 1987 by 6,600 medical professionals. Aureo’s main products are certified as recommended products by the Japan Adult Disease Prevention Association, which requires strict screening from product standards to safety.

Research and analytical institutions that have cooperated with us


  • School Corporation Kitasato Research Institute
  • Kitasato University Medical Center Center for Medical Environmental Science
  • National University Corporation Hokkaido University
  • Institute for Gene Disease Control
  • Research Center for Zoonosis Control (now the International Joint Research Institute for Zoonosis Control)
  • Tokyo Denki University Educational Corporation
  • National University Corporation Shizuoka University
  • Junshin Gakuen Educational Corporation
  • Junshin Gakuen University
  • Ochanomizu University
  • Kagawa Prefectural University of Health Sciences
  • Dairy Farming School Corporation
  • NPO Japan Supplement Clinical Association
  • Fuji Ginen Tech Farm Co.
  • Research Institute of Livestock Biochemistry and Safety
  • Japan Food and Drug Safety Center
  • Japan Food Analysis Center
  • Toray Research Center, Inc.
  • National Center for Biomedical Research and Development