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TRAIL expression enhancer – Japan (Patent No. 5937029)

Patent Details

Patent No.
No. 5937029
Registration Date
May 20, 2016

The body has an immune function that produces “anti-cancer substances” on its own to suppress the growth of cancer. Some of the “anti-cancer substances” produced may damage not only cancer cells but also normal cells, just like anti-cancer drugs in the treatment.

However, “trails” among such substances have little effect on normal cells and selectively lead cancer cells to apoptosis as an inhibitory effect on cancer growth.

We tested whether Aureobasidium (black yeast) culture fluid (hereafter referred to as “Aureo culture fluid”) is useful as an agent that enhances this “trail”.

As a result, it was confirmed that β-glucan from barley and β-glucan from baker’s yeast hardly enhanced the expression of trails in humans and mice, whereas Aureobasidium culture fluid enhanced the production of trails.

TRAIL expression enhancer – Japan (Patent No. 5937029)