• 2023.09.13

    How does the immune system work to support our health?

    In recent years, research on immunity has progressed, the mechanisms of the immune system have been elucidated, and the "function of the immune system" to prevent disease and maintain health has been understood. In this issue, we will introduce how our immune system works in our bodies. Eliminating pathogens and other foreign substances There are countless pathogens such as viruses and bacteria around us. When these[…]
  • 2023.06.12

    Lack of Sleep Leads to Decreased Immunity!

    Are you getting enough good sleep? Do you find yourself feeling light-headed during the day, feeling like you catch colds more easily, or feeling pale when you wake up in the morning? In fact, this may be due to lack of sleep or shallow sleep. Sleep helps to recover from mental and physical fatigue. Sleep also plays a role in consolidating memory and strengthening the immune[…]
  • 2023.06.12

    What habits can you start today for ideal sleep?

    Lack of good sleep has negative effects on the mind and body, including memory and immune system deterioration, irritability, and beauty. Sleep helps the mind and body to recover, and is as closely related to health as diet and exercise. A good night's sleep helps to regulate the rhythm of life and maintain the balance of hormones in the body, which leads to better beauty, mind,[…]
  • 2023.06.12

    Good Sleep with a Good Intestinal Environment

    The intestinal environment is important for immunity, but did you know that it is also related to sleep? When the intestinal environment is balanced, the brain can easily secrete "serotonin" and "melatonin" and the quality of sleep improves. Let's work on maintaining a healthy intestinal environment to improve the quality of sleep and maintain good health. What is melatonin that induces sleep? Melatonin is a hormone[…]
  • 2023.06.12

    Energize your mind and body! Gut activation” you can start today!

    It has become clear that immunity, which protects our bodies from foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses, is affected by various factors such as diet, sleep, exercise, and other lifestyle habits, as well as stress, etc. Recently, attention has been focused on the deep relationship between immunity and the intestinal environment. We encourage you to incorporate the "intestinal activities" introduced in this issue into your[…]
  • 2023.06.12

    Halloween Recipes with β-Glucan for Halloween at Home ♪

    October 31st is Halloween. Halloween, originally a Celtic festival, is now an established American folk event. Children dress up in costumes and parade through the town, going from house to house to trick or treat. and trick-or-treating is already well established in Japan, but this year, I think many people will have a lot of fun at home. This time, we would like to introduce some[…]
  • 2023.06.12

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Beta-glucan recipes to give to your loved ones

    Valentine's Day is coming soon. Every year around this time, I get somewhat excited. This time, we would like to introduce a delicious and healthy Valentine's Day recipe using Aureo's β-glucan. Please try making them while thinking of that special someone in your life as a token of your appreciation. Cassis Ole Cocoa Muffins ☆ Ingredients (for 5~6 muffins) 30 g butter 75g sugar 1 egg[…]
  • 2023.06.12

    Focus on your skin’s immunity to prevent skin problems!

    Masks dry out your skin!? Nowadays, we cannot do without masks every day. Did you know that the number of skin problems caused by masks is increasing rapidly? Even people whose skin is not sensitive to masks are experiencing an increase in skin problems because they wear masks 24/7 when they go out or meet with others. Since your skin will be more sensitive to the[…]